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With money to burn at his disposal, the spoiled 20 year-old took off on a whim for a vacation in Hyderabad, India, along with some of his equally-irresponsible friends. Before Caden left, his mom Shari Rigby packed a Bible in his suitcase with a note tucked in the pages asking God to help her son appreciate his blessings while on the subcontinent. For, upon landing, Caden experiences quite a cultural shock when he finds himself in the midst of abject poverty he never knew existed. He specifically regrets having cynically refused to help a beggar with a little girl claiming to be starving. In fact, he becomes so haunted that he goes back to look for them, only to learn that Kiran Walid Amini had reluctantly sold Annika Persis Karen into slavery to survive. Determined to reunite father and daughter, Caden decides to try to track down the 7 year-old, a search which leads to the ugly underworld of sex trafficking. Thus unfolds Not Today, a compelling, modern morality play marking the noteworthy directorial debut of Jon Van Dyke. Without getting too heavy-handed, the faith-based cautionary tale does a decent job of delivering its sobering message about a widespread form of exploitation of millions which no one ever talks about.

Little Miss Perfect

A lot of growth occurred at Florida in Parkland. She utilized to play soccer for the Parkland Soccer Golf club while she had been elevated in Parkland, Florida. In the same calendar year, she worked in tv pilot Arwin! In the entire year , Scerbo auditioned for the Music Gal Group called Slumber Party Young ladies where she was chosen among the person in the group.

In , Scerbo signed a solo-recording agreement with Geffen Records following the wearing down of the group. Scerbo is among the popular American celebrity, dancer and singer born on March 30,

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Not Today (DVD)

Samuel Rodriguez — Op Ed for The Hill There has been much discussion recently about the welcome prospect of pending immigration reform legislation. This is a propitious moment for our Nation to be having this important debate. Unfortunately, many people are narrowly framing this discussion through the lens of political expediency.

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Those born during the Way of Transcendence must learn how to transcend limitations, even if this means going beyond what ordinary conceptions of time and space may deem possible. Often, the limits these individuals must transcend exist only within their own minds. They tend to be hardheaded individuals firmly rooted in the here and now and the practicalities of daily life.

Realists first and foremost, these sturdy people must learn to overcome their innate attachment to the tangible and to develop a belief in the impossible, for without such a viewpoint, none of them would ever challenge their limitations. It can not be done! Once such beliefs are embraced by them, there is no limit to their growth.

Make It or Break It S1, E13 – California Girls

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Is Cody longo dating Cassie scerbo? yes. in an interview he stated hat he was guess starring on make it or break it and was disappointed that he didn’t have very many scenes together. he also said that if need b e they would run lines anyways, and during breaks they would go back to being boyfriend and girlfriend.

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HQ Pictures Last updated on November 6th, at She was one of the members of the all-girl American pop band, Slumber Party Girls. Not only is she a singer but is also a talented actress and dancer.

She starred with the Slumber Women in Dance Revolution from to Shifting towards her personal lifestyle, Cassie Scerbo dated Michael Doug Reinhardt, Copon, Cody Longo and Josh Bowman. She actually is currently one and focusing even more on her behalf career rather than searching for .

Naturi Naughton who sang at the event before Asher Book’s boy band V Factory took the stage looked stunning in a shiny purple mermaid gown, while equally fashionable Asher on her right was working a slate gray suit with some funky white sneaks. Collins was clad in head-to-toe black including what appear to be exercise gloves , and topped off his look with a green jacket with blue detailing.

Joining the new cast was “Fame” veteran Debbie Allen who starred as Lydia in both the original and the television version and now plays Principal Simms in the remake. The actress let her hair down, posing with newbie Naturi in a sparkly black and very age appropriate dress. Several “Fame”-rs brought equally famous guests as their dates including Kay Panabaker who brought her actress-sister Danielle, who you may recognize from “Friday the 13th” or her stint on “Shark.

The pair must have coordinated their outfits before they left home, he with his black shirt and vest combo and she in a sequined, one-shouldered LBD. Also in attendance was a star from that other movie musical “High School Musical,” obvi , Ashley Tisdale above, left , who showed off her recently dyed blonde locks and a hard-to-miss fluorescent pink jump suit.

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Apr 25,  · Josie Loren Lopez,born March 19, She is an American actress, best known for her role as Kaylie Cruz on the television drama series Make It or Break It.

I just watched the latest installment in the Sharknado franchise on SyFy and what can I say? Sharknado 5 is the best Sharknado yet! The annual premiere of the latest Sharknado film has literally become a national holiday. If you were to judge solely by what was happening on twitter tonight, you would be totally justified in thinking that literally everyone in the world was watching Sharknado 5. Who would have thought that a franchise about sharks in a tornado would become a pop cultural milestone?

At this time, when the country seems so divided, Sharknado 5 brought us all together. That, in itself, is no small accomplishment. But beyond that, these film are consistently and surprisingly entertaining. Considering that it was the fifth film in this particular franchise, Sharknado 5 felt remarkably fresh and creative. You had Ian Ziering grimacing as he manfully beat up sharks. You had Tara Reid acting like a super hero. To the delight of many on twitter, Cassie Scerbo returned as Nova, who is now the leader of the Sharknado Sisterhood.

Cody Longo & Friends depart Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood